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Re-Turn AS is a Norwegian based R&D company specialized in consultancy services, laboratory services and product development for the composites and polymer industry. Re-Turn AS delivers tailor-made binder- and coating system solutions for a variety of applications, with or without nano modifications.

In addition to knowledge in epoxy- and PUR-formulation work, we hold competence in thermoplastic composites, pipe production, insulation/core materials and industrial design. Our laboratory is equipped for the coating and composite industry and is also approved by Norwegian authorities as a “Skattefunnlaboratorium”. Norwegian customers may therefore be eligible for special tax deduction using Re-Turns laboratories in development projects.


The Staff

Ing. Stein Dietrichson


Stein Dietrichson graduated from Vienna in 1973 as a plastics engineer with additional education in sales and marketing. He has wide experience from sales and marketing of plastic raw materials and finished products from German, English and Norwegian multinational companies. In addition he has worked as factory manager for one of the leading Norwegian pipe producing companies, as well as for a leading Scandinavian producer of thermoplastic road marking materials.

Cell: +47 90 91 18 89 

Hans Jørgen Fjeldvik


Hans Jørgen Fjeldvik has a Master’s degree in product design from the University College of Oslo & Akershus from 2007, and has also previously studied engineering and psychology. Through his education, and further into work experience, he has specialized in plastics and composites with particular focus on thermoplastic composites. His earlier employment includes positions as product developer and production manager at EKRO Composites AS, as well as independent industrial designer.
Cell: +47 99 01 10 79  •


Ing. Paal Skybak


Paal Skybak is educated chemical engineer. He has more than 30 years of experience from epoxy, paint- and varnish industry. Paal Skybak has worked as technical service engineer and formulator for epoxy products for Ciba Geigy and Shell, as well as developed and produced epoxy flooring coatings. He has a wide contact network in the polymer raw material. World, among pigment and additive suppliers to the plastic industry and is working as R&D-manager in Re-Turn.
Cell: +47 46 80 62 88 

Dr. Joachim Karthäuser


Joachim Karthäuser is Ph.D. chemist and has worked internationally in petrochemicals R&D, quality management, sales, business development and management for multinational companies such as Shell and AGA/ Linde Gas, and more recently in start-up companies. His special interests are plastics and rubbers, injection moulding, functional composites, high pressure technology and surface treatment. He coordinates the Eurostars project NMEG, “Development of novel nano-technology surface coatings for wind power installations”, where Re-Turn is the project and consortium leader.
Cell: +46 70 28 50 270 and +47 908 11 146


Msc. Lars Dietrichson


Cell: +45 221 442 33  •

Mikael Johannes Nordeng


Mikael Nordeng has a master’s degree in electronics, specifically nanoelectronics and micro systems, from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2011. There he specialized in working with semiconductor technology and he has experience with methods and equipment connected with working in a clean room environment, such as scanning electron microscopy and electron beam lithography.

Cell: +47 48 18 62 04  •

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