Consultancy /

Our engineers have over 150 years of combined experience with composites and polymers. Re-Turn delivers consultancy services within a broad field and contributes either in small or large parts of projects.


Lab. tests services /

Our laboratory is equipped for the coating and composite industry. In addition to chemical formulation services we deliver destructive and non-destructive mechanical testing of polymer materials, testing of surface properties, corrosion testing, Tg. measurements etc.


Product development /

Re-Turn has always been a research and development company, mainly focusing on material development. We develop tailor-made polymer material for clients, but also do product development and product design.


Custom made Composite and Polymer solutions /

Re-Turn will find the optimal polymer solution for your application or formulate a special polymer system especially for your needs.

Matrix systemsCoating systemsCipp systemsFlooring systemsAdhesive systemsRoadmarking systems

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