Recently Re-Turn became approval for funding from the Norwegian Research Council (NFR) to develop nano modified, easy to clean coating systems for floating and onshore closed fish farming. The development is based on the broad nano- and polymer technology built up in the company over the last 20 years. A solvent free, nano reinforced marine coating development started in 2004 and will work as a platform for the new fish farming development, where the requirements will be different to marine coatings. Over the last 10 years the nano technology and products have ripened and new technology is available. The target will be to produce the first solvent free, durable and “easy to handle and clean”- coating system for closed fish farming metal tanks end 2021. In 2022 Re-Turn intends to launch several competitive and  suitable systems for concrete and polymer tanks onto the Nordic fish farming market. The new product developments are built on experiences from a land based fish farm in Norway and a floating fish farm under construction and to be launched next year.