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Consultancy /

Our engineers have over 150 years of combined experience with composites and polymers. Re-Turn delivers consultancy services within a broad field and contributes both in small or large parts of projects. In addition to competence in epoxy- and PUR-formulations work, we hold competence in thermoplastic composites, pipe production, insulation/core materials, production process methods and industrial design.

Our staff has experience from different fields of expertise and together we have a vast amount of experience to be utilized. We have long experience in project funding applications and can also assist in IP-protection and patent applications. Over the years Re-Turn has developed a wide network of collaboration partners and suppliers that can make our clients reach their goals faster.


Lab. Tests Services /

Our laboratory is equipped for the coating and composite industry. In addition to chemical formulation services we deliver destructive and non-destructive mechanical testing of polymer materials.

Our laboratory test services are divided in 3 areas:

In our chemical formulation laboratory we typically measure potlife, geltime, viscosity at different temperatures etc.  See our equipment list for an overview of equipment used in our lab.

In our mechanical testing laboratory we have equipment for testing tensile strength, flexural strength, ring stiffness, compression strength, impact strength, harness and adhesive strength

The third area are more equipped for testing properties of coating systems like gloss, surface roughness, corrosion prevention, UV- and climate exposure.


Product Development /

Re-Turn has always been a research and development company, mainly focusing on material development. We develop tailor-made polymer material for clients, but also do product development and product design. We can offer 3D drawings, prototypes and production start-up support. In cases were clients are developing new products we are often part of the product development from early on in the project.

Re-Turn develops their own products and conduct larger projects in collaboration with our partners. If you have a new product idea or need assistance in the development with material selection, design or prototyping we are happy to assist.


Custom Made Composite & Polymer Solutions /

Re-Turn will find the optimal polymer solution for your application or formulate a special polymer system especially for your needs.


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