Consulting: Expertise for hire

Laboratory tests: With a fully equipped laboratory Re-Turn is equipped for most type of analysis, tests and documentation work for polymer materials and coatings. Our skilled staff has a short turnaround time which make us an attractive partner. In addition, Re-Turn cooperates with other labs in order to solve all our customer’s needs. Re-Turn is also a dedicated lab for Norwegian Centre for Circular Economy (NCCE).

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Project Management: Our staff has a long and broad experience in project management for national and international projects. We have a wide knowledge and experience from many government funded projects and can offer our help and expertise in defining task, input and writing applications.

Recycling technology: old plastic products are resources for new products and use. With increasing demands, recycling of plastics are more important than ever before. Re-Turn has worked with several companies and projects and has a broad experience and high competence in the field. We can test regenerated plastic materials and issue datasheets and documentation as well as being a valuable partner in development processes.

Thermoplastics: with more that 20 years in the plastics industry, Re-Turn has gained extensive knowledge in utilizing various plastics materials and production methods. We can offer our advice and experience for different manufacture methods and what can be achieved in decor, assembly, tooling and commercial aspects. Already at the first meeting we can show big opportunities for improvement in details, design or conceptual solutions. We provide production, manufacturing tools and other equipment from selected partners in Norway and abroad.

Thermosets: For development and design of customized composite products and industrial equipment, Re-Turn can be a valuable partner. With our experience we can bring you innovative ideas for both R&D and fabrication experience. Our consulting is based on an extensive knowledge of materials, engineering, and hands-on fabricating experience. In addition to this we have several skilled partners that can provide a full solution.